1. Infinite Expressions
    Phil Ranelin

  2. Across The Park b/w Sevens

  3. Big Moon
    William Hooker

  4. Cats EP
    Johnny O'Donnell

  5. Neon Arrow b/w Rewire
    Dot Hacker

  6. Mother Nature

  7. Divination
    Dot Hacker

  8. The End Is At Hand: Jesus People Music, Volume 1
    Aquarium Drunkard

  9. I Don't Feel Well

  10. Nowhere I Am b/w Directrix

  11. Lagniappe Sessions, Vol. 2
    Various Artists

  12. Oozelles

  13. Obscene b/w Fairy Tale

  14. You Don't Know What You're Doing b/w Overflowing

  15. To Be One With You

  16. Io Sono Quel Che Sono B/W Menina Mulher Da Pele Preta

  17. Jeepster / Monolith
    Chad Smith & Josh Klinghoffer ‎

  18. N°3
    Dot Hacker

  19. How's Your Process? (Work)
    Dot Hacker

  20. How's Your Process? (Play)
    Dot Hacker

  21. Inhibition
    Dot Hacker

  22. Dot Hacker EP
    Dot Hacker

  23. Way Out Yonder
    Terry Riley & Gyan Riley

  24. Lucky Wheel
    Kid Doe (Particle Kid & John Doe)

  25. Symphonie Of Flowers
    William Hooker

  26. First Fits

  27. Anywhere II

  28. The Bobblymen EP
    Mike Watt + The Bobblymen

  29. Apparatus b/w Better Than A Dirtnap
    Ocampo, Ocampo + Watt

  30. Nuts b/w Tiny Pyramids
    Tone Scientists

  31. Shit On Me b/w Striking Out
    Mike Watt + The Secondmen / E V Kain

  32. 30 Days in the Hole (Live)
    Mike Watt + The Black Gang

  33. Sweet Honey Pie b/w My War
    Mike Watt + The Missingmen / Chuck Dukowski Sextet

  34. Unwilling to Explain
    Unknown Instructors

  35. Il Sogno Del Marinaio- La Busta Gialla

  36. Exhumed

  37. The Viscaynes & Friends
    The Viscaynes (ft. Sly Stone)

  38. The Giver
    David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7

  39. Playtime
    David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7

  40. Cabaret of Daggers
    Tav Falco

  41. A Tav Falco Christmas
    Tav Falco

  42. Sway / Where The Rio De Rosa Flows
    Tav Falco Panther Burns

  43. Me & My Chauffeur Blues b/w Whistle Blower Blues
    Tav Falco Panther Burns

  44. Flying Lessons
    Fool's Gold

  45. Haunted
    The Chuck Dukowski Sextet

  46. Sickness & Health
    400 Blows


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